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living luggage

the history of wrinkles in art

great meals
no rolo
regulations for irrational procedures
brushing teeth
advancement into retreat
avoiding eye contact
for a seven day period

"Avoiding eye contact for one seven day period'

Proved to be harder than I thought. A lot of my friends thought I was just
acting weird or paranoid. After some two to three days I found that instead
of talking to someone and staring at the floor, I could focus on their
mouths or ears and this may not be so obviously difficult for both parties.
Other tricks I used was to wear sunglasses, behind the shades I could talk
to someone and stair into the wall and not effect the flow of conversation.
The highlight of this work was on the fifth day when I went on a planed trip
with ten fellow students in a van, this close encounter became an event in
itself. I recorded a disk explaining my findings but I feel that this piece
works best simply as a statement.