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brushing teeth
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for a seven day period




Job description:
Brushing artists teeth each morning

The ‘hygenist’ must arrive at the premisis of work (the artists house) at 9.00am seven days a week.
The working period will begin on Tuesday the 1st of June and finish on Wednesday the 30th of June 2004.Good time keeping is vitally important throughout the working month.The ‘hygienist’ will occasionally have to deal with blood from the artists gums also the possibility of blisters in the Artists mouth and cold sores. The hygienist must be able to handle any such circumstance with dignity.
Surgical gloves must be worn throughout the action and will be provided.This artwork will be filmed each morning and it is important that the ‘hygienist’ is comfortable being filmed and consents to the showing of the work whether it be a film, photographs or otherwise.The brushing of the teeth should be througher using on some occasions the electric tooth brush to whiten and remove tarter from the pronounced front set.The brushing of the teeth should take the normal duration of under five minutes and no longer.
The hygienist is responsible for rinsing the brushes under the tap.The amount of time the ‘hygienist’ spends with the artist should be of a purely functional duration. The hygienist should enter, brush the Artist teeth and then leave promptly.

Payment will be made in cash.
Total payment will be £400.00
Breaking down at 13.34 Per day, paid each Friday, and on the last Wednesday of the month.
Polite conversation is encouraged.